The 2021 Winners

Thank you again for supporting our 2021 Annual Scramble which benefits The University of Tampa Scholarship Program and Athletic Department. We are incredibly excited to announce that your contributions helped us raise $145,000!

The winners of the day are the students at The University of Tampa and… 

1st PLACE 

North = Architectural Tile & Marble 

Will Ramos

Bill Long

Mike Weiner

Paul Schmidt

South = Pepsi

Tony Hernandez

Ned Van Buskirk

Stirling Wade

John Eastlack

2nd PLACE 

North = Borrell Electric

Ray Delphey

Kenny Kunde

Chris Kunde

Dallas Flynn

South = Prodigy Flooring

Lisa Brachna

Andrew Hidlago

Drew Brachna

Heath Jensen

3rd PLACE 

North = Coreslab Structures, Inc. 

McCall Carley 

Grey Woodward

Trey Woodward

Tim McMillen

South = TECO People’s Gas

Luke Buzard

Mark Whitaker

Al Grinnel 

Aaron Spear


Sponsored by ECORE & VoltAir Inc.

North = Will Ramos

South = Andrew Hidalgo


Sponsored by Sir Speedy Tampa & Earth Tech, LLC

North = Bill Long